Internet and Satellite Radio Department

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The Internet/Satellite Radio Department shall introduce the youth to the dynamics of hosting a satellite radio station. Staff shall oversee and tightly supervise all discussions of interest. Foremost, a variety of topics shall be provided to students to use as topic of discussions. Y.I.M.A.E. staff shall define appropriate parameters to students in order to foster harmonious discussions between students, guests, and internet listeners. The Satellite Radio Program shall give students the opportunity to discuss issues/concerns as it relates to current events that affect today’s youth but also it will allow students to improve on communication skills and sharpen critical thinking skills by engaging other youth around the globe in meaningful discussions.

The mission of Youth in Media and Education (Y.I.M.A.E.) is to promote artistic expressions and self-empowerment through a comprehensive program that covers all areas of academics, the entertainment/media industry and vocational training. Through the program, court and non-court involved youth will enhance their social skills and transition into productive citizens in the community at large.

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