Entrepreneurship and Mentoring Department

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The Entrepreneurship and Mentorship Department of Y.I.M.A.E. is designed to help the student realize their potential of achieving great things in life, also encouraging them to believe in themselves and that the sky and beyond is the limit. It will be the Mentor’s responsibility to help them achieve greatness in every aspect of their lives and ensure that the student understands there will always be an open door policy. The Entrepreneurship program will help the students develop a business plan that demonstrates the ability to achieve profitability coupled with the potential for growth in sales, revenue and employment. Students will select a business based on their passion and through hands on experience, begin to develop the knowledge, skills, and abilities to operate their own business. Students will learn how to use marketing and promotion strategies and find start-up capital for their own business.

Tuwanna Edwards

Director of Mentoring Services

Tuwanna Edwards is a graduate of Chamberlain Vocational High. She received her associates degree in Computer Networking from Strayer University, and she is currently working towards her Bachelor's Degree in Contract Management. Tuwanna Edwards is serving as the Director of the Entrepreneurship and Mentoring Department for Y.I.M.A.E. Ms. Edwards has worked for the Department of Youth Rehabilitation Services (DYRS) for three years as a Placement Assistant. Working in that position afforded her the opportunity to realize that she cares deeply about the future of the youth today and that they truly needed direction. She has always been a positive role model and mentor for the youth in her neighborhood. In addition to helping them find resources and programs that would help them reach their goals, she also helps them realize that they need to play a major role in today’s society as positive and productive citizens.

The mission of Youth in Media and Education (Y.I.M.A.E.) is to promote artistic expressions and self-empowerment through a comprehensive program that covers all areas of academics, the entertainment/media industry and vocational training. Through the program, court and non-court involved youth will enhance their social skills and transition into productive citizens in the community at large.

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