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The Vocational Education Department will offer training and employment development to youth to help them successfully enter the labor market and thus reduce the likelihood of re-entry into the juvenile justice system. We will provide youth with strategies to cope with personal and community stressors through education, counseling and mentorship. We will establish a nurturing culture and close relationships among staff, parents and the community. We will develop social skills ensuring self efficacy and self empowerment in transitioning into productive citizens in the community. We will significantly increase vocational skills and artistic outlets to develop the youth academically, vocationally and artistically, instill the values of good character and community service and prepare students for achievement in their personal lives and productive citizens.

YIMAE will teach youth the necessary behaviors and skill sets to become employable. The Vocational Education Department will increase the literacy of the population we serve. This is the first step in teaching each student the aforementioned skills. In order to achieve this, evidence-based and research-based technologies will be employed. Embedded in the educational standards is the encouragement to utilize technology in the classroom. The Vocational Education Department will teach basic life skills, personal and professional etiquette. Students must also learn how to apply their knowledge to their real-world circumstances. We will provide community-based opportunities to apply these skills to become competitive in the global economy.

Stacey V. Ferguson

Vocational and Life Skills Instructor

Stacey V. Ferguson, a graduate of Fisk University, is currently serving as Program Chairman and instructor at Tesst College for the Medical Billing and Coding Department. The program provides training and mentoring services to students seeking to improve their employable skills through the discipline of Medical Billing and coding. Ms. Ferguson brings to Y.I.M.A.E. over 25 years of professional experience in various fields. Ms. Ferguson conducted in-service training sessions for physicians in various disciplines regarding changes in the medical insurance industry including Managed Care.

Ms. Ferguson has provided training to many colleagues in the areas of staff development and recruiting, supervision strategies, budget/expenditures, curriculum consultation, accreditation/certification, quality assurance and many other areas. As it pertains to organizational policy, Ms. Ferguson trained facility staff on the daily operations of the policy and procedures for community health centers in the District of Columbia. She also evaluated, edited and outlined recommendations for the District of Columbia State Health Plan.

Ms. Ferguson trained students to become Billers and Coders at Medex School; a vocational school in New Carrollton Maryland. Since serving in this role, Ms. Ferguson also conducted a training program sponsored by the Department of Health for Medical Billers and Coders of area Hospitals in the specialty of Oncology. She has also created and presented community presentations, in-services, and health education workshops as it relates to breast health and awareness.

Michael Pratt

Academics and Career Services Instructor

Michael Pratt is an educational leader who is vested in the success of students in the Washington Metropolitan Area. Mr. Pratt comes to Y.I.M.A.E. after more than fifteen years of service in education. He has served the students of the State of Maryland in various roles. Currently, Mr. Pratt serves as a Facilitator for Charles County Maryland Public Schools. In this role, he is responsible for facilitating the entire Admission, Review and Dismissal (ARD), currently called the IEP (Individualized Education Program) process for two schools. He also serves as a certified Reading Specialist, Autism Specialist and Compliance Specialist. In these roles, Mr. Pratt is responsible for professional development of staff and ensuring that all local, state and federal Special Education mandates are followed.

Before serving in this capacity, Mr. Pratt served as a special educator in Prince George’s County Maryland. He has served as a department chairman, instructor and Vocational Transition Specialist. He was mainly responsible for implementing students’ IEPs and provide transitional and wrap-around services to seniors and recent high school graduates. Mr. Pratt also initiated several mentoring programs within the schools he served including the Young Leader’s Program. This program provided mentoring services to both male and female youth. Before beginning a life in education, Mr. Pratt graduated with honors from Morgan State University. Michael has also done graduate work at Howard University, Trinity College, and East Carolina University. He is currently a candidate for a Master’s Degree in Educational Administration from Grand Canyon University.

Michael is an active member of the National Education Association (NEA), the Maryland State Educator’s Association (MSEA) and the NCTM (National Council of Teachers of Mathematics). Michael is a member of Kappa Alpha Psi Fraternity, Incorporated; a social and community oriented organization. Outside of education, Michael has also worked in human resource recruiting and marketing.

The mission of Youth in Media and Education (Y.I.M.A.E.) is to promote artistic expressions and self-empowerment through a comprehensive program that covers all areas of academics, the entertainment/media industry and vocational training. Through the program, court and non-court involved youth will enhance their social skills and transition into productive citizens in the community at large.

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